Jobs in Nepal

In Nepal many people go to find work abroad because they think ‘’there are no jobs in Nepal’’. That is quite not the true scenario. There are jobs if you look for them in the right places or create them. Now because of the internet there are more platforms where you can look for jobs.

Financial stability is one of the most important aspects of human life in today’s time. Income generation is the best possible way for a financially stable life. And you need a job for that. Whether it is a job in business, farming, education sector, manual labouring, art or any other form of legal profession, having a job gives you purpose, financial stability and keeps you happier. The real issue here is finding these jobs. Nepalese people are going abroad to work while businesses and organizations inside Nepal have to get skilled/unskilled manpower from abroad. The equation is simply not right. However, it does mean that there are jobs in Nepal.

Are you looking for jobs in Nepal? Are you skilled in a trade? Are you currently learning any skill? Are you unskilled but looking for jobs in Nepal? Here’s a simple guidance on how to look for jobs in Nepal in the right places.

Where to find job vacancies in Nepal?

The media has broadened and is more accessible now than ever. That means you have more platforms where you can look for job vacancies.

  1. Newspapers/Print (Traditional Media)

    The classic way of looking for jobs by going through job application appeal advertisements in national or local papers is still relevant. Most of the NGOs and INGOs are still required to make a public announcement for any vacant post they wish to fill. Therefore, print media still gets ads for job vacancies. Government jobs also get published in papers. Very few private small jobs advertisements can also be found in Papers. However, do not fall for false advertisements. Stick with respected and popular papers like Kantipur, Gorkhapatra, República, The Himalayan Times, Rajdhani, Nagarik etc. and never reply to ads asking for money beforehand. Research about the employer in internet for reference.

  2. Online Media

    Internet has become so big in such a short time. When it comes to finding jobs, internet can be very helpful. You have higher chances of finding jobs through internet than print media. However, it is easier to be scammed online so be careful. Go only with reliable websites. Job websites like,, are some platforms where you can look for job vacancies in Nepal and apply.

    You can also look for job openings via official social media accounts of various organizations and companies. Say you are interested in being a receptionist, search using keywords like ‘receptionist jobs in Nepal’ ’and you can get a list of vacancies, use particular city names to get better results. If you are looking for NGO or INGO jobs, following them on social media like Facebook is a good idea. Organizations announce their vacancy openings in social media and their websites simultaneously these days. When looking for jobs in Nepal online make sure you are using all the platforms enough. When applying for jobs via sites like applying for more than one at a time is a good idea.

    There are even Facebook groups where you can join them and get latest vacancy updates. Become a member in some of those groups and apply those vacant positions that meet your requirements and qualification.

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