Motorbike Driving License in Nepal

After long wait, I am now a driving license holder of motorbikes (A) category. I am writing this post hoping that it will help you to get your driving license in Nepal as smoothly as possible. But, few of the hurdles that is not on your hand cannot be eliminated except minimize it. For that reason, I am here to provide you with few tips to get all the works done in a one go. Trust me, you do not want to repeat the whole process again if you miss or fail in single aspect. Continue to read on…

First of all, one has to know about driving license procedure. Where to go and when to reach are the important things that you should know in order to stay ahead of the others. So let me begin with the process of applying for motorcycle driving license in Nepal (Bagmati zone to be more specific).

How to Process for Two Wheeler Driving License in Nepal

Please note that, below mentioned process does not follow online application procedure. The online application process for driving license in Nepal that started from Poush 10, 2073 (December 25, 2016) replaces token receiving phase only.

  1. Before you begin process for obtaining a two wheeler driving license, build confidence riding motorbike/scooter first and then go through driving test book. More on this in tips section below.
  2. After you are confident that you can pass driving test and trial, fix a date to visit Yatayat Karyalaya (Department of Transportation Management) which is located at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur. It lies just outside the Chakrapath road.
    Location of Yatayat Bibhag (Department of Transportation Management)
  3. Reach early at 4 am and enter at end of the line to receive the token. You will know where is the queue/line once you reach there. You can ask the crowd about that. The earlier you reach before 4 am, higher is the chance to be ahead of other people in the line. Token distribution starts at 6:30 am.
  4. If you are successful to receive the token for beginning the diving license application process on this morning, make sure you stay in the line at your position.
  5. The form registration process begins and the line starts to move ahead slower than a snail. Once your turns come to enter the building, your citizenship details, photo and signature will be taken for the registration purpose. After, it finishes go to Room 12 for eye test. Here your will be shown 4-5 cards with dotted colored numbers. You need to say the numbers written on it.
  6. Once your eye test is verified, go to Counter no. 7 to pay Rs. 500 Rajaswa. Submit your form and the money from window and wait for getting your receipt from the next window.
    Driving License Applicants Waiting for Their Receipt at Counter no. 7
  7. After receiving the receipt make sure each and every details are correct. Go home, take rest and prepare for written exam. Remember, the written exam is tomorrow morning. Do not think you can take the test on other days besides tomorrow. The written exam date is not mentioned anywhere. I had to wait for another 3 months for re-applying as I failed to attend the written test on the next day.
  8. On the next day i.e. tomorrow reach as early as possible between 6 am to 6:30 am if you are an office person. Before you stay in the line, go to the notice wall area to know your roll number. Make sure to bring your citizenship or any identification card because you are needed it to be shown before entering exam hall.
  9. The result will be published at 6 pm on the same day. You can visit at notice wall section where you went in the morning to know your roll number. If you PASS, you need to arrive Trolly Bus Station at Baneshwor early in the morning at 7 am next day. If you FAIL, you need to wait 3 months to re-apply for your driving license from the beginning.
  10. In case you have passed, as mentioned earlier, reach the destination where you will be giving your second exam i.e. driving test or trial. Know your roll number here also from notice area. After a while, your admit card will be distributed and then get on the line to pay Rs. 55.
  11. Get on the line where you will be giving your final test. When your turn comes, you are given a bike. Make sure you lock helmet belt, check mirrors, headlight and gears of the motorbike. Here begins your ultimate trial.
  12. If you got passed, you will be declared so and handed you with your admit card. After 7 days, visit Yatayat Karyalaya at Ekantakuna, and go to Room 2 to pay Rs. 1500 Rajaswas.
  13. After 30 days, visit Yatayat Karyalaya again to receive your Smart Driving License Card.

Tips for Written and Trial Exams to Get Driving License

Most of the candidates begin their application process for receiving a driving license without being prepared. Here are few tips that I would like to share with you so that you can build up your confidence.

  1. Practice enough in driving training centers

    Learn how a motorbike/scooter works. Practice on free roads and driving training centers until you are able to cross figure 8, traffic signals, narrow plank, inclined paths and up-down paths. The fee to practice in driving test centers range from Rs. 100-200 (if you use your own bike) to Rs. 500 (if you use institute’s bike) for an hour. I would like to suggest you to practice with a bigger bike because you will feel much easier to give the trial in Super Splender bike later.

  2. Do not ignore any part of the standard design

    Yatayat Bibhag had implemented a new scientific trial system since 2070 B.S. to examine riding ability of exam candidates. Each and every part is important. If you fail in any section you will be marked FAIL though you can try again for next two times. I have seen few people who fails the test at the last part i.e. up-down path which is right after inclined path.

  3. Read driving book thoroughly

    It is important for beginners to read the book thoroughly before appearing written test. Although you will hear from others about facing easy questions, the preparation is not only for the written exam, it also provides information to educate you regarding basic motorbike parts, traffic rules and signals, first aid treatments and many more. All these knowledge will come in handy once you get your driving license.

  4. Reach ahead of time

    Because there will be hundreds of applicants for driving license each day, I suggest you to reach the destination early than mentioned time. May it be while receiving the token, appearing for written test or giving trial exam. You will be behind a longer queue if you are late for an hour or even few minutes. If you have the whole day, it is your decision. But, if you are an office employee and you reach to stay in the line late, be prepared to take office leave for that day.

  5. Get all your documents ready

    Prepare all your documents before standing in the line for receiving token. A complete document includes application form, a Rs. 10 ticket, a passport sized photo or two, photocopy of your citizenship and a photocopy of your blood group card. If you do not know or confused about your blood group, go to Room 12, verify it and receive your card. But before that pay Rs. 30 for the service – payment counter is located near to the main entrance gate.
    Driving License Medical Fee Payment Counter

  6. Facing the ultimate test i.e. driving test or trial

    First of all, to appear for your driving test, you need to have confidence. Do not get nervous. It will be easier than you think if you follow tips number 1. On this day, reach Trolly Bus Station (near to BICC at Baneshwor) before 7 am. As soon as you reach there, walk through the driving test area and familiarize yourself with the structure as well as environment. It helps to boost the confidence. Later, know your symbol number, get your admit card and pay the required amount. After that, do not immediately get in driving test queue. There will be many people who asks if you need to practice before appearing the trial. Choose one and go to their driving center and practice for an hour. When you build your confidence, get back to Trolly Bus Station and get into the queue.

Best of luck for your driving license process. If there is any question you would like to ask, comment below.

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